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Livros de Anna B. Doe


Blairwood University #1

The star wide receiver hates my guts. Not that I can blame him. After all, I broke his heart three years ago. 


Coming to Blairwood is supposed to be my chance at a new beginning, until I run into the last person I expected to ever see again on my first day on campus.

Hayden Watson is nothing like the boy I remember from high school, but I’m not the same person either. Jagged scars cover my face and body, while his changes make him irresistible.

He’s tall, sculpted to perfection, covered in tattoos, and wears a dark scowl set between his brows every time our paths cross.

They don’t call him Hades for nothing, and he doesn’t hide the fact that he’d love nothing more than to see me burn in hell.

Now if only he’d stop kissing me, I might believe how much he hates me.

The ugly secrets between us were bound to come back to the surface, but the more we fight, the more heated our kisses become.

Will we get our second chance at love, or will the demons of our past destroy any chance at the future we might have?

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