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Livros de Anna B. Doe


Blairwood University #5

I've been in love with my best friend since we were kids, but Alyssa Martinez has never looked at me like that.


Why would she? We're complete opposites. I'm the nerdy guy who prefers books and computers to people, while she's the popular girl everybody loves. 


Then everything changes. 


Her jerk boyfriend leaves her when he finds out she's pregnant, her parents disown her, and she gets kicked out of her apartment. So I do the only thing I can.


I offer her a place to stay. 


My place.


There is just one problem.


I only have one bed.  


It shouldn’t be weird. After all, we’ve known each other our whole lives. But she's in my space, tempting me in every way imaginable. 


How am I supposed to sleep next to the only woman I've ever loved and keep my hands to myself? 

*Check possible trigger warnings here.

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